Einzelausstellung in der Praxisklinik  Prof. Bung / Dr. Geurts / PD Dr. Richter, Bonn


Posted on 30. April 2015

HofArt, Wachtberg Bonn


Posted on 30. April 2014

Ausstellung in der Hochkreuz Augenklinik OHG, Bonn


Posted on 30. April 2014

2008 Bonner Diversity


Posted on 29. April 2008

Bonn is diverse – not just in nature, but also in people. I have interviewed people in Bonn who I…

2007 Be a Part of Bonn


Posted on 29. April 2007

100 pictures showing motives of Bonn were produced in cooperation with the “Bürgerstiftung der Sparkasse KölnBonn”. Drawings from the series…

2006 Budapest


Posted on 29. June 2006

In May 2006 I exhibited in Budapest with 3 other artists from Bonn. These drawings were the result of my…

2005 Myth of the Mother


Posted on 29. April 2005

Joint exhibition in the Frauenmuseum Bonn with the theme mother. Her face is formed by a dumbbell whose inscription gives…

2003 Colourful for Life


Posted on 29. April 2003

When our daughter came into the world in 2002 life turned colourful, and small and big people appeared in my…



Posted on 29. April 2001

Bonn-Nova after the government’s move – the “Round Table” of Bonn and the Bonn-be-Bed, made for its citizens. The bent…

2001 Spuren


Posted on 29. April 2001

“What do you think about when you think of Bonn?”- That’s the question I asked everyone I met during a…